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Nail care woes?

Are you tired of expensive nail-finishing blocks and sanding boards that wear out after 4 uses?

Are you tired of using that little metal file that comes on your pocket knife, chews up your nails, and leaves jagged edges?

If your answer is no, here's a picture of a chihuahua with a tiny shopping cart:

If your answer is yes, I have a suggestion...

If you're a fingerpicker, or a classical guitarist, you know by now that the shape and finish on the edges of your picking nails (real, or stick-on, or acrylic, etc.) has a HUGE impact on your tone, and how it feels to play the guitar.

My answer to those 2 questions I started out with is YES. I am especially tired of the multi-sided blocks, since I usually only ever use 1 side/grit to finish my nails, and it wears out pitifully fast.

So thinking along those lines, I remembered something I'd been given as a gift a long time ago, but never really used...

A set of GLASS nail files.

I dug them out of deep storage, and YAY. With a fresh perspective, and a fresh distaste for finishing blocks, I realized that these glass files work quite well, and have the interesting ability to both lightly shape AND finish the nail at the same time. Meaning, if I use a glass file every day, it may be the ONLY tool I need for the right hand. The three-step process of 1) Clip nails 2) File nails to shape 3) Finish nails may be completely replaced by a two-step process: 1) Use glass file 2) Eat chocolate ice cream just because.

That's what I'm hoping for, anyway, and the initial data is very promising... I'm not quite sure why I didn't dig out these glass files sooner. Silly me.

Oh, and if you're already looking up glass files on Amazon, you may notice the phrase "Never wears out". That's right. A glass file may be just as permanent as the metal file on your pocket knife that DOESN'T do the trick.

Have a glass file lying around somewhere? Give it a try. Don't have one, and not satisfied with what you're using now? Maybe think about picking one up.

I guess that's all for now. You're welcome for the chihuahua.

Pickin' and Bloggin',

Justin Richters

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