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No, it's not a Martin...

Greetings, All!

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted anything... *slaps self on the wrist three times*

This is "(You Are My) All in All" by Dennis Jernigan. Admittedly a short arrangement, but this vid is also doubling as a "reveal" of my newest - and oldest - guitar...

A Nagoya NS41.

Ever heard of Nagoya? Probably not, I'm guessing. It is a Japanese luthier-made brand, sold by Veneman Music in Rockville, MD and Springfield, VA around the 1970's. The guitars were meant to be Martin copies, but judging by the one I have, were very GOOD copies.

I bought the guitar a week ago today from my first guitar teacher, Cecil. He's had the guitar for over 40 years, since he bought it from Veneman Music. He was selling off a lot of his old guitars/amps/pedals/etc., so I stopped by (the day before) the sale, and bought this guitar - one that he used to TEACH me about 15 years ago. SO COOL.

I'm slightly excited right now.

And yes, I intentionally hid the headstock emblem from my recording so you wouldn't know what the guitar was. (= Hehe

Pickin' & Bloggin',

Justin Richters

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